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     On August 15, 2016, our 15 year son and the youngest of our four children, Kevin, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was one of those nightmare stories that you hear about but could never imagine it happening to your child. The summer of 2016 had been spent mostly on the lacrosse field in different states as Kevin and his twin brother Liam play for a travel lacrosse team.  We couldn't understand how just two weeks prior to his diagnosis, he had just played in a two day lacrosse tournament in 90 degree weather. 

     Kevin woke up one morning with a swollen face.  The doctors thought he had the mumps.  A week after seeing the doctor, he woke up with a mass on his chest. He didn't feel sick but we knew something wasn't right.  The doctors set us up with an appointment at Winthrop Pediatric Oncology and from that day forward our lives changed forever.  They were having difficulty determining the exact type of lymphoma Kevin had but they knew it was a very aggressive cancer that needed treatment immediately. Kevin spent the next 17 days in the hospital receiving chemo and being barraged with test after test to determine exactly how to treat his cancer.  The tests were painful and they had to be done while he was awake because he had developed a blood clot in his neck and it was too risky to put him under anesthesia.  During this time, he was more worried about us than himself. His attitude right from the start was incredible.  He kept saying to me, Mom, don't worry, I got this.  After determining the exact type of Non-Hodgkin’s he had, we were told that the treatment is extremely aggressive. We would be staying in the hospital every 21 days for 6 days while he received chemotherapy around the clock.  Six rounds of chemo and with each round they increase the dosage on everything.  We were heartbroken but knew we had to do this to save his life.  

     Because of his condition, Kevin was unable to attend school.  He was very concerned about this because he's a straight A student and one of his goals is to make the National Honor Society next year.  He received virtual tutoring through our school district.  They were awestruck by his determination.  He would be so sick but refused to cancel a tutoring session because he didn't want to fall behind. He was also upset because besides his passion, lacrosse, he also plays volleyball and basketball for the school.  Once again, trying to make me feel better he said, it's only temporary. I'll play next year.  The next 5 months were grueling to say the least.  He would get out of the hospital and sometimes we would wind up in the ER a week later because his counts dropped so low.  Once again, Kevin handled it like a seasoned veteran.  

     He has taught not only my family but so many others such valuable lessons since his diagnosis.  Focus on the positive, don't sweat the small stuff and take things day by day.  He truly is our hero and we know that although he has been through so much both physically and mentally, he is going to do something incredible with his life. 


     Cassidy was born February 27th, 2012 and was born lifeless. Cassidy was administered CPR and was placed on a breathing machine for 1st 8 hours of life. The Doctors sent her from Good Sam to Stony Brook Hospital. She spent a week in Stony Brook NICU. She fought hard and luckily all test turned out negative. She met all her milestones. She was growing up being a normal toddler loving things like Frozen the movie and Disney Princesses. She attended pre-K at Miss Midgies and started to take Dance Class at Dance Odyssey in West Babylon. She was growing up being a perfect little princesses.

      On October 12th, 2016 she went to Adventureland and went on a couple rides. The Lady Bug Ride tossed her around a little, nothing major. She complained of stomach pain that night and then started to vomit. We looked at her stomach and saw a baseball size mass sticking out. We went to Good Sam ER. That is when they told us she has a tumor on her right kidney. They said it was large. They sent her from Good Sam ER to Winthrop Hospital. They are wonderful. They diagnosed her with Stage IV Renal Cancer next to the lung. Also known as Wilms Tumor. The right kidney was removed. Luckily she has favorable histology and good prognosis however she still has to travel that road of Radiation and Chemo. Something no one should go through let along a 4 year old girl. They say the ride at Adventureland may have shaken the tumor loose making it protrude out and we can see it. Crazy how things work out.  

     This winter she has had the Flu, RSV, and Stomach Virus. She has been in the hospital 4 times and has received many blood transfusions. Of course this creates a problem with employment and makes it difficult to make a living so all help is greatly appreciated. Cassidy has two younger brothers as well, Russell 3 and Daniel 2.


     Kaelyn is one of the bravest 8 year old little girls we know.   In January of 2016 Kaelyn had stroke like symptoms. She was rushed to the hospital, where they saw a bleed on the brain and was air-lifted to Cohen's Children's Hospital.  After lots of tests and a week in ICU, they sent Kaelyn home with MRI's scheduled every 3 months until the blood reabsorbed and they could see what was under the blood. Most of her symptoms had gone, she still has a slur in her speech and her right hand has some weakness.  In June they saw what was every under the blood was growing.  She had another test that showed it was some type of mass.  After more testing, on September 7, 2016 Kaelyn went in for brain surgery to have the tumor removed.  On September 14 we learned that she had a grade 4 tumor with DNA of 2 different tumors.  They list her as a PXA WHO IIII.  It's a very rare tumor and even rarer to have it be malignant.  Kaelyn did 6 weeks of radiation.  She was a rock star, most kids need to be sedated got it, but not her.  She would check herself in, get herself on the table and stay perfectly still during treatment.  She started chemo in January and will have to do that until November.  She will have scans every 3 months.  Her latest scan still showed abnormalities but hopeful that the chemo will help with that.  Kaelyn is the youngest of 7, her brothers and sister have been with her every step of the way as well as the rest of her family and friends.  She is a HUGE wrestling fan.  She loves volleyball and soccer.


     Sean Patrick was born on July 6, 2001--- from this day forward we were the happiest couple on earth to be blessed with such a treasure.  Sean Patrick has always had a smile that could light up a room, his witty personality displays his confidence in all he sets out to do.  When we were told that our only child, Sean Patrick had cancer in October 2015, our world crumbled.  We agreed to take on this challenge as a family as we would have taken on any challenge, but we knew this would be our toughest.  Never did we believe that our son would have close to 100 blood transfusions, about 45 weeks of intense chemo that required weekly stays at Sloan, an infection in his leg amputation sutures, a collapsed lung and still more to face in this long fight.

     Sean Dixon is currently a 15 year old sophomore at Patchogue-Medford High School.  He is an amazing young man who is looked up to by many of his peers.  Sean is an excellent student and has a passion for sports.  He has played on several lacrosse teams since he was in 2nd grade and enjoyed every minute of it.  He was proud to be a part of his town and school league along with his travel teams, Legacy Lacrosse and Mama’s Boyz Lacrosse teams.  He learned so much from being a part of these beautiful organizations. 

     While playing lacrosse late in July of 2015, just after his 14th birthday, Sean broke his femur during a non-contact play.   This injury lead to the diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, an aggressive and rare form of bone cancer.

Sean began chemo right away, but due to severe internal bleeding from the tumor breaking up, the doctors decided to amputate his leg to increase his survival rate.  He continued the chemo protocol for several more weeks to find that the cancer had metastasized to his lungs.  Sean had several surgeries to remove the tumors from his lungs as this chemo was not working.  They removed 37 tumors from his right lung and 42 tumors from his left lung.  With a change in chemo, he was off to a good start.  Unfortunately, the next scans showed recurrence.  The chemo was changed yet again.  At this point, scans in August 2016 showed no recurrence and we continued that chemo.

     By the next scans in November 2016, it was a totally different situation….. the tumors were back….. 6 of them.  We were told by the doctors that one of the tumors were very large and it was right against the pulmonary artery.  The doctors said with all seriousness, “We need a miracle” or else your son is not going to make it!!!!!  This was not an option---

He was put on another intense chemo until December 2016 when the next scans took place, this showed that this chemo was not working either.  According to the doctors, we were brought to our last resort for medicine they had to offer.  In December, Sean began two different medications to try to stop these tumors from growing…… and according to the scans on February 8, 2017, they had begun to shrink significantly.  The doctors will continue Sean on this protocol to continue shrinking the tumors before more surgeries to try to save some of the lung tissue. 

     As of now, we are on the right track with shrinking these tumors, but we are nowhere close to being out of the woods.  Our thanks to everyone that has helped support us through your love, prayers and donations.  We can’t express our gratitude enough and how all of this has helped us through this emotional roller coaster.